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What is this all about?

This topic encompasses description and reflections on the strategies used by the teacher related to teaching and learning goals. These involve, for example, strategies for presenting and explaining (e.g. relating concepts to previous work, monitoring student understanding of concepts using a variety of techniques) or adapting teaching to students’ needs, interests and abilities (e.g. relating instruction to student experience, using a repertoire of instructional techniques to facilitate understanding and learning). 

Higher education pedagogy is a key element of teaching development. Such pedagogy tends to be based on constructivist and student-focused approaches to teaching and principles of ‘good learning’ derived from educational psychology. 

When reflecting on teaching across disciplines, institutions and countries, IntRef participants were often interested in how to engage students in active learning, in a variety of different classroom situations. Many of the participating academics came from intercultural backgrounds themselves, had an interest in intercultural topics or were teaching in a second or foreign language, so language related questions arose quite frequently.   

What did academics discuss?

Here we provide vignettes to illustrate what academics involved in the reflective sessions facilitated by the Intref project said relating to pedagogy.

What resources are there to help with issues like this?

The following lists contains a range of different resources designed to further your exploration of these issues, both from a practice and scholarly perspective. This is intended as a community resource which will grow over time and to which we invite you to contribute.

Facilitating active learning

Facilitating co-operative/collaborative learning

Working with international students

Do you want to contribute?

Would you like to offer further reflections or examples emerging from your experience and or research?  Do you have other resources or references you would like to share with the community?