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Padua Multiplier Events

Padua Multiplier Events

Padua 1st ME was held on 17th  of January 2020 in Genova 

Padua’s first multiplier event took place in Genova at the premises of the Earth Science Department of the University of Genova, on Friday 17th January 2020.

It was well-attended by many participants (from the Universities of Genova and Modena-Reggio Emilia. Participants were introduced and briefed about the project tools and outputs. They actively participated in the workshop, provided positive feedback, and decided to follow it up trough community of practice meetings to review how to implement similar activities in their respective universities.

Padua 2nd Multiplier Event – Online 

Padua’s 2nd ME took place virtually the 1st July 2020 during the Improving University Teaching conference organized by Padua University. A small group of academic developers from different countries attended the workshop. Participants have been introduced to the project reflective methods, the initial findings and reflections from research into their implementation, and the project intellectual outputs to implement the methods into their home institutions. The workshop was a fruitful moment for sharing insights and discussing the social and organizational factors underpinning the effectiveness and teachers positive evaluation of collegial reflective activities for faculty development.