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About the Open Learning Resource

The Open Learning Resource

This Open Learning Resource has been created as an additional way to share outputs from our project and as something that we hope will continue to develop and grow as more ‘hot topics’ are added by members of the global Higher Education (HE)  community. Its purpose is to share issues that arise for teachers in HE during the course of their teaching.  They are issues that all of us who teach in HE might experience at some point in our teaching careers and are not specific to particular disciplines or contexts. The learning resource comprises themed entries that provide an overview of the issue experienced and some suggestions of how this might be addressed. In addition each entry includes a suggested set of potential resources that might support others experiencing the issue. These resource lists are not exhaustive but try to offer a starting point for anyone dealing with the issue. The first four ‘hot topics’ reflect the broad themes that arose directly from the Intref project and as such are large themes that might encapsulate a number of issues within them. Our hope is that more specific entries will be contributed by members of the HE community following future International Reflecting Teams events that initially we, and eventually you, might facilitate. As such we hope to see this learning resource grow and to become something that is a valuable resource for us all. To learn more about each ‘hot topic’ just click on the relevant entry from the menu.

Each entry includes an overview of the theme, a supporting video, vignettes that support the theme and reflect the issues discussed plus the resource list. It is important to note that the vignettes were created by us from the sessions we facilitated but all names are fictitious so as to anonymise the cases. Similarly we have included some suggestions in the resource list for tools and activities that might be used – we have not as a project team had the opportunity to test or use all of these ourselves and as such they do not constitute endorsements for these tools activities and ideas but rather capture the range of material that exists.

If you would like to contribute to the  Learning Resource you can do so by completing the form below. Your contribution could either be a case that can be turned in to a vignette or a resource to support the existing ‘hot topics’. Please note that all contributions to the Learning Resource will be anonymised for confidentiality purposes.


Do you want to contribute?

Would you like to offer further reflections or examples emerging from your experience and or research?  Do you have other resources or references you would like to share with the community?